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Accounting-On-Us Services, Inc. (“AOUS”) was established by Gary Eustache to bring a quality accounting and finance service to your business. AOUS focuses entirely on its core competencies of Financial Accounting and Tax Services.

about us Accounting-On-Us Services, Inc.

We are always responsive to our client’s inquiries and work hard to fulfill their requirements. AOUS clients benefit from professionalism and they always receive quality service. We provide expert service with personal involvement at a reasonable cost. AOUS’ growth is a testament to our clients. They recommend us to others and continue to help us thrive because they know there is no one else whose personal, professional, and affordable service can compare.

about garyAccounting-On-Us Services, Inc.

Gary Eustache, President & CEO, established Accounting-On-Us Services, Inc. to provide both permanent and temporary outsourcing services in the areas of accounting, taxation and finance. As the President of AOUS, Gary is in charge of managing all of the financial accounting and operational services offered to our clients.

Gary graduated from Baruch College with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Accounting. He began his career with JP Morgan Chase, where he worked his way up to Assistant Treasurer in the Accounting/Business Analyst Division. After departing from Chase, Gary worked at a small accounting firm where he focused on providing Accounting & Tax services to small and midsize companies. In 2008 Gary served as the Tax Manager for the largest privately-owned Billboard company in the United States. He later decided to pursue his passion of working with small businesses, helping them develop and grow as a company by establishing Accounting-On-Us Services, Inc.

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